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Harnessing the Power of Microsoft’s Business Applications for You

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Digital transformation

Keeping your business and its processes equipped with the most up to date technology is an important, delicate, and essential step to ensuring your businesses future success and growth.

Cloud migration

The first step in transforming your business into an efficient and sustainable machine is considering whether the Cloud is right for you.

Optimize operations

Whether your business is cluttered with paper documents and sticky notes or technologically disheveled, Microsoft has the solutions to help you increase automation, decrease inefficiencies, and streamline processes in your company.

Microsoft Dynamics

A Powerful CRM, Marketing Platform, and Operational Hub with mobile capabilities

Office 365

An all-inclusive Cloud Platform to manage your business email, users, subscriptions and more


A collaborative and versatile web-based platform with capabilities for document storing and sharing

Power BI

A tool for analyzing Business Data through a flexible and customizable lens.

MS Flow

A web-based platform to connect and automate actions for hundreds of business apps


A service to design and build both mobile and web applications while staying connected to your data

D365 Project Estimate

What is Time Tracking Add-on for D365 and Toggl?

Track and sync hours to Dynamics 365 is fast and easy. The add-on allows you to track hours and instantly pull it directly into Dynamics 365. Your time links to Projects, a Tasks and UsersWe will take care of easy set up and configuration of the add-on in your Dynamics 365, and you can start tracking time entries and control the project budget consumption – it’s literally that simple. 


  • Recurring sync time entries from Toggl to Dynamics 365; 
  • Custom Time Entry and Project entities for Dynamics 365 for Sales; 
  • Automatically populate Project Estimate remaining and tracked hours; 
  • Get notification on 70% and 100% Project consumption to prevent project failure; 
  • Multiply workspaces support. 


A blog about Microsoft Modern Cloud Business Solutions

Abraham Neudorf

Co-Founder & Microsoft Business Solution Adviser

Aliona Chertash

Co-Founder & Microsoft Business Solution Architect

Tetiana Novak

Team Leader & Senior Microsoft Consultant
Kirill- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certified Expert

Kirill Mykhaltsov

Senior Dynamics 365 Consultant
Inna Avatar - Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts

Inna Chashchyna

Junior Dynamics 365 Consultant
Alex Liskov - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certified Expert

Alex Liskov

Project Manager

Tealinc, Ltd.

Marketing and Digital Transformation

Refine the marketing approach by easing the import process for potential clients, simplifying sales data gathering through Dynamics App for Outlook, and creating a reliable system to target potential customers based on needs.  


Migration to Cloud

Move all Sales, Production, and IT Infrastructure to the cloud through the migration to MS Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, MS Teams, and SharePoint for improved operational efficiency and management oversight. 

JRS Biodiversity Foundation

Dynamics 365 Optimization

Simplify and reorganize Dynamics 365 to provide more effective Grant and Opportunity tracking with increased automation to simplify and ease the user process. 

Stephens Engineering Company

Project Automation

Increase productivity using Dynamics for Project Service Automation and Dynamics 365 for Phones allowing engineers and administration to comfortably manage time entries, payroll, and budgets. 


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